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House Appropriations Cuts Local Water Filtration

The US House Appropriations Committee, the committee that handles budget process and review, decided to cut for water infrastructure and water quality programs.

This means that the spending by E.P.A., which includes oversight of city and town water filtration, has been cut.

The Department of the Interior, the U.S. Forest Service, and about 20 other agencies is also lower.

The EPA takes the brunt of the cuts, seeing its funding cut by 17 percent compared to fiscal year 2012.

Below is a chart, from CircleOfBlue.com, which shows exactly what will be cut, including two revolving funds for low-interest loans for drinking water, which towns and cities can avail of.

This means that individuals should take care to make sure their water supply is clean and drinkable.

Program Fiscal Year 2012 (in million $US) FY2013 President’s Proposal FY2013 House Committee
EPA 8,449 8,340 7,055
Clean Water State Revolving Fund 1,466 1,175 689
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund 917 850 829
Geographic Programs (Great Lakes, Chesapeake Bay, etc.) 409 411 346
Great Lakes Restoration Initiative 299 300 250
Land and Water Conservation Fund 322 450 66
U.S. Geological Survey (surveys, investigations, and research) 1,068 1,102 967

A spokesman for a group called the cuts to the state revolving funds “outrageous,” especially when much of the water infrastructure in the U.S. is in dire need of repair and replacement.

The committee, on the other hand, has said that continuing to allocate money to the revolving funds through the appropriation process is “simply unsustainable given ever-growing needs.” It will instead look for other ways to provide long-term support.

The Twin Cities Water Systems “FREE Drinking Water Analysis” will confirm that your water is safe to drink or that it may need special attention from one of our water filtration systems. The test is completely FREE and does not obligate you in any way to purchase anything. We want you to be safe and secure in knowing your water is healthy, great tasting, and the overall best it can be.

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Water Quality Really Matters

Water quality of our drinking water really does matter for health. Often drinking water is contaminated by high levels of arsenic, fluoride or pathogens, and we, naturally, think it is safe to drink.
Cities as well as rural communities can have badly filtered and cleaned water. In cities, much of the contamination can come from industry, subways, vehicle run-off, drains, and trash that is thrown on the street.  In rural areas, the danger from contamination can be just as high as in urban areas with runoff from waste-water and from farms – animal waste or otherwise.

The E.P.A., nationally, and W.H.O. internationally, both have regulations for clean drinking water.

Under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), EPA sets legal limits on the levels of certain contaminants in drinking water. The legal limits reflect both the level that protects human health and the level that water systems can achieve using the best available technology. Besides prescribing these legal limits, EPA rules set water-testing schedules and methods that water systems must follow. The rules also list acceptable techniques for treating contaminated water. SDWA gives individual states the opportunity to set and enforce their own drinking water standards if the standards are at least as strong as EPA’s national standards. Most states and territories directly oversee the water systems within their borders.

Many times, public filtration is ok, although some contaminants do get through. However, if you are using a well, your water is not being filtered. Poor wells, or gas-drilled wells, can increase the risk.  Either way, have your water tested to see if a treatment unit it really needed. Minneapolis Water Systems can test your current water supply.

Twin Cities Water Systems provides solutions for Water Treatment and Softeners, Water Coolers & Water Heaters. We also want to educate people about Water Quality.  You can depend on Minneapolis Water Systems for an efficient and courteous installation.  We can also install water softeners, which remove some of the minerals, water coolers or heaters.

From the moment you contact us until the installer leaves, you will feel assured that you are indeed working with the right water treatment company. We pledge that our consultants will be thorough yet brief, and the installers knowledgeable and tidy.

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How to Have Clean Drinking Water From Your Tap

Do You Have Cloudy, Stinky, Chlorinated Tap Water?

5 Options for Clean Drinking Water:

  2. Buy bottled water at WalMart – EXPENSIVE!!! (is it just tap water?)
  3. Buy a refrigerator size water filter – INEFFECTIVE AND A HASSLE
  4. Lease/Buy a water cooler – LARGE, BULKY AND IS IT FILTERED?
  5. Have a water filtration system installed in your home – LOWEST COST, MOST FILTERED

Minneapolis Water Treatment Systems can help! We will come out to your home and give you a thorough drinking water analysis…for FREE!!! CALL 612-234-5112

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